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We are located near Tillman's Corner, west of Mobile at 6571 Larkspur Dr, Mobile, AL 36619.

Welcome Letter

Dear Interested Parent and Student,
Thank you for considering St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School as the next step in your child’s educational future. For 36 years, St. Vincent School has provided a quality education to the children of the western Mobile suburbs.  A new Early Childhood Building has been added to better meet the needs of the students at St. Vincent.  As expansion continues, we will add additional classrooms and a state-of-the-art Media Center.

Over the years, our curriculum has changed to include the best and most appropriate educational tools available.  Although curriculum methods may change, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School strives to provide educational excellence with emphasis on the Gospel values.  We endeavor to shape students’ characters as well as their minds.  This is achieved through the personal and demanding attention of our dedicated faculty and through small class sizes.

Some of our specific academic program highlights include:

  • Early Childhood: The Early Childhood program at St. Vincent is a link between home and school for our youngest students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.  Students are given the opportunity to develop their abilities through age-appropriate activities in a nurturing environment.  Students in the early childhood classes benefit from the individualized attention made possible by small class sizes.  The early childhood program strives to instill in each child a lifelong love of learning through fun-filled, exciting school experiences.
  • Elementary: The Elementary School Program is designed to build the academic skills which are the foundation for all future learning.  In the lower grades (1-3), students receive small group instruction as they move around the various classroom learning centers.  This style of teaching makes learning personalized and rewarding and is enhanced by small class size.  The academic program in the upper grades (4-5) is more challenging and demanding as students prepare to enter middle school.  Emphasis is placed on sharpening critical thinking and problem-solving skills while developing specific knowledge.  The program helps students to establish a solid foundation of learning in the core subjects.
  • Middle School: The Middle School Program challenges students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades to explore their talents, both academically and socially.  During this time of rapid growth and change, students are given opportunities to extend their academic horizons, develop leadership abilities, and take greater responsibility for their own lives.  The academic program in middle school is structured to provide opportunities for advanced studies which facilitate success in high school and college.

The values of our Catholic tradition are reinforced through weekly student led masses.  Each class has the opportunity to plan and carry out the theme of the mass.  They perform the readings, take part in the offertory procession, and act as altar servers.  The religion program at St. Vincent de Paul includes the instruction of the classroom teacher and is supplemented by visits from religious personnel.  It affords the opportunity to live and practice Christian principles.  The school uses the religion training begun by the parents in the home as a basis from which to foster the spirit of Christianity.

It is my hope that you will consider making your child a part of the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School community.  Please contact the office at 666-8022 for more information.

Mary B. McLendon, Principal